Marine Rescue Victoria Point
Marine Rescue Victoria Point

Information for New Crew Members

Vision Statement & Values

Volunteer Marine Rescue Victoria Point is committed to Safety of Life at Sea in the southern Moreton Bay islands.

We will achieve this by:

•       Having a roster of well trained and motivated volunteers

•       By example, showing the community the highest standards of boating safety

•       Having well maintained modern rescue equipment

•       Having a network of community support

•       Providing a 24/7 waterside assistance program for local boaties

•       Conducting regular patrols through our area of operations

•       Cooperating with other emergency service agencies to provide timely response to community problems

Crew members

Crew members are volunteers who, having been recruited from the local area, commit to using their talents and expertise to the betterment of the unit.

Crew members’ commitment

As crew members you are required to:

•       Purchase and wear designated uniforms

•       Follow all directions given in a timely manner

•       Actively participate in all unit training

•       Obtain a radio licence and senior first aid qualification within 6 months of enrolment

•       Respect all other crew and those appointed to leadership

•       Attend a 2 day roster every 4 weeks

•       Be able to work 2 public holidays every year

•       Be available to participate in unit fundraisers

•       Be committed to the concept of SOLAS

Our commitment to Crew members

•       Provide leading edge training in a maritime environment  (currently valued at $4200)

•       Provide an opportunity for advancement

•       Provide training in an emotionally safe and secure environment

•       Provide a sense of achievement from a job well done